The First Date…

My first kiss went a little like this
Mwah mwah and twist
Mwah mwah and twist

– 3OH!3

I have a really good and caring husband. He allows me freedom within our agreed parameters to embrace certain aspects of my sexuality that aren’t necessarily his kinks. He realizes that I am coming home to the life we built and that’s not worth demolishing over sex.

He knows that I am signed up for submissive training next year and even offered to become more dominant in our sex life. I declined that offer as the one thing I don’t want to change is my husband’s nature. I am a realist and know it can’t be changed and really don’t want him to live the lie I did. So that’s why I initially approached him for an open marriage.

We have a written agreement that outlines how we both can behave separately if we opt to go that route.

He let me know at the same time that he’s been looking at couples we can play with. He’s been chatting with a few and hopes that I can enjoy exploring that with him.

I let him know recently that I have been talking to someone that I “met” on fetlife. Both of us had similar fetishes and consistent views on sex outside of our marriages. We are safe for one another as we are honest about what we want from a play partner.

This man started messaging me at my lowest point this past summer and even in my least responsive mood, he gave me a ton of space but would politely pop back in and check if my situation changed. He wanted me to know he still had interest in meeting but I had to clearly be ready and I had to let him know that I wanted to be with him.

He asked me out for this past Friday and I promptly let my husband know. I also said yes to him as I was ready for that invite.

Our plan was to meet at a bar and see if there was a connection because really texts and photos don’t really mean a lot if there’s no chemistry and plus my vivid filter does wonders. It’s an approach that I had with a couple I met off kasidie and I think it allows both parties their out, safely.

Just like that time, I didn’t take my out nor did he. I knew from when he kissed me and choked my neck simultaneously that we were well suited. I felt safe with him even as his fingers collapsed around my neck.

Did we have a good time together? Yes. Do I know if it was just an one-time encounter? Time will tell as I am still a girl who likes to be pursued. Something he’s very well aware of…

– The Girl

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