The Pathway to Hell…

All week I was looking forward to my weekend of debauchery with the husband. Not all went as planned…

On Friday, we were going to a house party hosted by this amazingly hot couple. Both turned out to be as sexy and fun in real life as their profile alluded. They gathered an amazing group at their home. We all introduced ourselves and made polite conversation.

At one point, I went to the restroom and ran into the host who had already shed his clothes. I commented on the softness of the robe he had in his hand and he informed me I have to get naked to try it on. I didn’t need any further prompting.

I went outside in my heels and robe and mingled. It was only 40 degrees outside and my nipples were rock hard. I saw the steam from the hot tub and that it was scarcely occupied. I shed my robe and claimed my spot.

I enjoyed that hot tub as it quickly filled up. There was talk of occupancy records but I was more content kissing the host and by the woman with an amazing shade of lipstick that was gently parting my thighs and applying those lips to mine.

Upon leaving the hot tub, the cold hit me like a freight train. That combined with the vodka I had been drinking made me feel strangely out of place. When I got back inside and saw the blur of naked, fornicating bodies, I knew I had to leave.

Not because I didn’t want to play but because I was in no shape to play or make rationale decisions.

We arrived home late, me a lot worse for the wear naked in my green wool coat but still wearing heels. I just needed to sleep. I was cold to the bone even under all my covers. I slept all day Saturday, but as a good southern lady made sure I sent a thank you note to my hosts.

We didn’t end up going to the club last night which I regret as my husband had reached out to a couple that he has been wanting to meet with. I saw his emails to them from our joint swingers account but I was in simply no shape to go to the club on no food in 30 hours and frankly I wouldn’t have the strength to fuck him, her or her husband.

So this morning after I begged off the husband last night who so politely called me sexy in my mismatched pajamas and after seeing all those amazing naked women, I stripped down to my pajama’s cami and let him know I was ready for some sleepy sex.

He rubbed my back and stroked my pussy. He commented how wet and warm it is and how much he loves to fuck it. My large tits were too much for the cami and as I rolled onto all fours, they simply fell out. He took me from behind and I could feel how wet I was as he rode me. My tits bouncing and my ass slapping against his cock.

I enjoyed making him cum this morning as he really didn’t get the weekend he expected either and yes he still moaned I was sexy…

– The Girl

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