The Best Laid Plans…

Sometimes life works out not like you planned, but better.

I am “on the go” constantly. My job is a round trip of two to two and half hour commute, I work hard and I tend to drink too much on Fridays.

So by Saturday, I am spent and lately taken to watching Hallmark Christmas movies in bed for hours. Enjoying coffee and breakfast in bed.

Yesterday that was exactly how I spent the majority of my morning. I finally got my ass in gear and sent my husband off to a Happy Hour several hours away from our home with a sincere “have fun!” and then went to pick up my daughter from dance.

I had a few invitations on how I could spend my evening sans husband but I opted for a late lunch with my thirteen year old, shopping for makeup, a birthday present and supplies for grace/blessing bags.

The finale was popcorn and a Christmas movie in my pjs. My son occasionally popping down to give me an update on the Pens game, which I sacrificed for holiday cheer. It may have seemed as if I was trading potential debauchery for domestic bliss. But then again, it was only 9 pm.

As I was taking my hot, sudsy bubble bath a tumblr follower messaged me to tell me he was broadcasting on a chat room. I was intrigued to say the least and promptly clicked on the link he forwarded to me.

There he was stroking his cock. I enjoyed watching him especially when he would rub it up and down with his right hand and I had a full view of his chest, balls and cock and just a hint of his beard.

I was enjoying it so much that I had to apply my favorite vibrator to my wanty clit. I came multiple times before he did.

Me stopping every time right before I’d squirt. The feeling of getting myself off and being on that cusp was so exhilarating.

I watched him cum and drops of his white cum all over his chest. It was like I was there. And then I decided it was time to relax and gush.

As I soaked the sheets, I gathered my manners and thanked him for the inspiration…

– The Girl

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