Go With The Flow…

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun,

But mama, that’s where the fun is

– Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

It all started with an online flirt at the beginning of the week. Then we moved to kik and got to know each other. By Wednesday, we were at the swingers club to meet as couples.

To say I was looking forward to the evening was an understatement. I wanted to kickoff the long weekend with drinks, dancing and maybe a bit of public sex.

I enjoyed picking out my outfit which was black slingback heels, thong, leather skirt and velvet bustier. My husband especially liked the way my back tattoo looked in the strapless top.

One of my favorite aspects of going to the clubs is choosing the right outfit that I feel confident and sexy in. I also packed a lace cap sleeve open cup bralette in the event I was enjoying myself and the company.

Once my hair and makeup was done and my stray pussy hairs were shaved, we hopped in the car. We caught the end of the hockey game and were ready after team’s come from behind win to have a great night.

We quickly saw some friends and the couple we were there to meet. Conversation flowed as did the cocktails and yes my top was changed a few hours in. I felt sexy and comfortable chatting with our new friends with my pierced tits clearly in view.

Eventually I decided to strip down to my thong on the pole as I danced to my favorite club song. There were spankings administered with a solid hardwood painter stick, topped by a great pole show put on by my hot new friend.

We decided to dance together which gave us the opportunity to touch each other discretely. Her husband mentioned maybe we should take the dancing upstairs and together we worked the pole for our husbands’ and our enjoyment.

We all saw that the large play bed was available and it was only natural that we make ourselves even more comfortable. She and I made out and she was delightful to kiss, soft and passionate at the same time. I felt a hand move my thong and explore my wet pussy. I welcomed it.

I found her husband’s lips and started to make out with him. She and I traded spots so we could comfortably play with each other’s husband.

He and I made out for a bit and then my mouth found its way to his delicious cock. I loved the feel of it in my mouth was wondering how it would feel in my pussy.

He told me he wanted to taste me and he didn’t have to ask twice. I was on my back in no time. His mouth was just what I needed and his alternating fingers had me cumming in no time. He did not stop with my first orgasm and soon had me squirting in his mouth.

His lips quickly found my mouth and I loved the taste of me on his lips and beard. I could have mopped up my taste forever but he wanted to fuck. As did I.

We fucked in various positions and I came many times. He felt so good in me and I was enjoying the moans next to me as my husband fucked our new friend. Her husband‘s thrusting and her moaning made me feel so good. I rode him with my tits in his face and just wanted to make him cum.

After we were all finished, we realized how much I soaked the bed and that it was officially thanksgiving. We dressed and parted ways with hopes of meeting each other again.

I guess you can say I had a few things to be grateful for…

– The Girl

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