Rise and Shine…

My husband and I had a fun time with another likeminded couple a few nights back and then it was a few days of holiday activities with our teenage children.

We needed to fuck or shall I just speak for me, I needed to fuck.

Last night, we had drinks at a local bar. We enjoyed reflecting back on us taking our children to their first college football game. We talked about random things as we watched the State HS football playoffs in the background.

I really wanted some naked hot tub time as it was cold and rainy but I frankly hit a wall and was fast asleep by 9:30. I was disappointed I couldn’t get his cock in my pussy, but I clearly needed sleep.

So this morning, I brushed my teeth, shed my pjs and cleaned my vibrator. I informed the husband, he could brush his teeth or watch. He took the former choice.

By the time he got back into bed, I was at least one orgasm in. There was no edging today. He watched my naked hips buck up to absorb the second one, heard my moans of pleasure and enjoyed my spare arm going back to cradle my neck, exposing my ginormous tits to him.

As he played with my tits, he let me know how much he enjoyed my moans and the swelling of my clit. He moved between my thighs, stroking his cock, and marveled at my pretty pussy that was so wet and responsive to my toy.

I asked him to give me his cock in my mouth. I did not take a break from sucking unless my orgasm had me gasping for air. He told me how much he enjoyed my cocksucking skills which only made my mouth more fervent.

He continued to fuck my mouth until he was ready to cum and then he gave me the reward I seek, his cum all over my tits. I continued masturbating with his cum dripping down me until my legs shook.

Tonight that cock needs to find another hole to play with…

– The Girl


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