May I Be Your Unicorn???

It’s been an odd week at The Girl’s residence.

It started last Friday when I had a few too many drinks, came home, changed into a lacy tank and matching thong and proceeded to ride my husband on our couch until he came. Did I care that our son could peer over the balcony? Nope I took my risk and it paid off.

The next day I was dead to the world and on Sunday my husband fingered me to orgasm and later that night I developed a wicked sore throat.

On Monday, he met a new “friend” for drinks as I continued to endure a throat on fire. By Tuesday, I was diagnosed with strep throat and praising the heavens above for the creator of the z-pack.

So flash forward to Friday and I was edgy from lack of alcohol and most importantly lack of orgasms and alone in my house as my husband went out of town for the weekend.

A good friend decided to help ease me back into my corner of naughty by kik’ing me the most erotic tale of a man coming into my home as I was baking, bending me over my counter and having his way with my wanting pussy. I love the thought of an anonymous encounter and this was totally in my wheelhouse.

Needless to say my vibrator after my seven orgasms looked like it had whipped cream on it. My cunt was so creamy and wet from his writing, I almost feel remiss not writing a formal thank you note.

The next morning while bathing, I received an invitation for my husband and I to join a wonderful couple at our local swingers club. I had to be honest that he was out of town but the invitation sounded too fun to pass up.

So I did what any good wife does, I texted my husband to see if he would mind me going. His response, “Sure! The price of admission for you as a single is so cheap!”

It was a sexy pajama theme, so all day I mulled over what I would wear into the club and what nighty I’d pick to change into. For the record, I love to sleep naked cuddled up in blankets but I knew I had to pick something to wear.

I took a ride share to the club after packing my bag filled with margaritas, water, two negligees and my holiday light up necklace.

My driver was nice and a church goer with religious Christmas music on in the background. I looked classy in my velvet leggings and red and black festively embellished cami, but as I tumbled in the back seat all I could hope is that she prayed for this sinner the next day.

My friends escorted me inside and they are just a fun couple that you are immediately at ease with. The wife and I can enjoy deep conversation as well as each other’s tongues in each our mouth.

She and I quickly started chatting and I took my cue to change into my nightie which was a simple red number with a plunging neckline accentuated with a simple jewel placed right between my tits. I also donned my light up necklace as I didn’t mind some added attention.

Once I changed, she also stripped to a sexy bralette and panties. The peachy orange color looked amazing against her skin. We took turns feeding each other a whip cream dessert off fingers and nipples and danced and kissed.

A man approached her and we really didn’t need him at that moment encroaching on our fun. So to hurry him along his way, I opened my legs to reveal my wet pussy simply covered by my pearl strand in my thong. She needed no further invitation to start fingering me at the table. She was polite and offered him a taste of me on her finger as he got the hint what we really wanted.

She quickly told the club owner to play my favorite song which I promptly put on a show for my hosts and then we all knew it was time to retreat upstairs. Plus a girl’s wet pussy can never hide when it wants to play.

Much to my delight, they brought rope and restrained me lying on my back naked to the bed. My nipples were sucked jointly by them and I squirmed in pleasure. She went down on me and I promptly sucked her husband’s cock. She offered me a taste of me on her lips as kissed me and it was delicious. The two them fingered and spanked me to orgasm. The feel of his fingers probing me and the sound and sting of her repeated slaps was all I needed.

As she was tied up, I fingered her wet pussy delicately as I know she has sensitive skin. All this while kissing her and sucking on her nipples. She took her husband’s cock for a bit in get a amazing pussy and deep throated him as I played with her nipples, neck and mouth. Finally he went down on her while fucking her with a vibrator as I continued on her nipples. It was so hot to kiss her while she breathlessly orgasmed.

We took our time going downstairs enjoying the couples fucking around us. I love to watch real people fuck, there’s nothing like it to get me going. (Oh but I will say the club’s choice of girl on girl porn was seriously spot on last night.)

We danced some more and kissed some more and were just relaxed as likeminded people who understand that it’s just sex and sex is amazingly fun.

They drove me home and I promptly sent my modern day thank you note for a great evening, a text…

– The Girl

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