Married Sex…

So I hate to disappoint people but I do have vanilla sex and on a frequent basis. Not every night can be a hog tied, threesome in public.

This has been a week that has seen the Girl cook many a fancy meal, drink way too much and crave cock to rock her to sleep.

One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is to prepare and serve a fancy meal on my Christmas china, wrap at least one present when I am a little tipsy, try to see how much I can stuff in a stocking, and fuck. Generally in that order.

After my husband and I prepared the stockings, we retreated to our bedroom where I was only dressed in a pink cotton cami and matching thong. We kissed deeply with his fingers figuring out quickly that I was wet and ready. And then stealthily is cock was inside probing me until I came.

Fast forward to last night and after a few depressing episodes of the Handmaid’s Tale, we were back at it. This time I was simply dressed in a black bra and black thong with white polka dots.

We kissed and he finger fucked me. I sucked his cock like any good wife would. Then I whipped out my favorite vibrator and fucked myself for his amusement.

He added to mine but taking out a dildo from our toy cabinet and fucking my pussy hard and fast. After I came multiple times, he rode me again until he finally came in my pussy.

I wonder what tonight will bring…

– The Girl

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