I’ll Have Another…

I’ll have another is a phrase I am trying to ease out of my vocabulary. It’s not just limited to my consumption of alcohol but to things as well.

Sometimes I need a reminder that things, food and booze do not fulfill or define me.

For instance the other night, my husband and I went out with my parents for cocktails. I was simply dressed in a popover and velvet pants. 

A combination, I normally would not leave my house in but I was getting a facial that evening and I needed clothes easy to strip out of. But, I love the feel of velvet and evidently so did my husband.

I enjoyed him stroking my leg under the table, telling me what a hot wife I was in our corner of suburbia. We took our leave from the bar but he made me a stronger version of what I was having at the bar. We watched a few episodes of Handmaid’s Tale, which he fell asleep during.

When we went to bed, me dressed only in a thong and bra, I rubbed my ass against his cock. He told me how hot my ass was and how he has grown to appreciate asses more due to mine. I continued to grind against him, finding him hard.

I had him roll on his back and then I inserted him in me as I rode him cowgirl. I took off my bra and played with my tits and hair. All the while, he told me how he loves fucking my pussy.

We switched to missionary and he pounded my pussy with his cock until we both came.

The next day as he was out with our kids, I started to try on some of my recent online purchases. I love buying lingerie and to have clothes that make me feel sexy.

As I tried on the clothes and settled on a black sheer polka dot paired with my black leather full zip mini skirt as my favorite outfit, I thought we should go out that night. I texted friends to see if they were going to the club and then we settled on meeting for drinks.

We met at a bar that’s dark and serves stiff cocktails. I was in a velvet, off the shoulder pantsuit and leopard kitten heels. She and I both had the idea that we should sit next to each other on the booth so we can freely touch and enjoy each other.

We didn’t care who saw us kiss, hold hands or touch each other. We actively participated in the discussion with our husbands and made time for each other. We fed each other gourmet Jell-O shots and kissed in the restroom.

We all were engaged in our conversation but started to notice that some people were watching us. A couple our age who looked to be on a date would steal glances at us but one couple also our age was clearly intrigued.

A nice feature of my pantsuit is I have quick access to my tits. And since, everyone at the table has had my tit in their mouth on more than one occasion, I freely flashed my right breast with its piercing that paired perfectly with the green velvet I was wearing.

At one point, the husbands received a thumbs up from the man watching us as he caught a glimpse of my exposed breast. So I did what any woman would do who owns her sexuality, I went to our male friend, bent over so that the “watcher” had a full view of my velvet clad ass and passionately kissed him. Then I sat on my husband’s lap so he could kiss my exposed neck and feel me up.

Later as I made my way back from the restroom and walked by him, he told me “nice tit” which his wife nodded in agreement. And my reply was a simple “thank you” as I know my tits are amazing.

We went home and I came to bed in a purple lace bra that matched the panties I was wearing that evening. I got on all fours and my husband proceeded to pound my pussy again until he filled me with his cum and I moaned in pleasure as my tits spilled out of my bra.

As much as I am trying to ease out my use of “I’ll have another,” I will add a caveat that it clearly does not apply to me being fucked…

– The Girl

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