Knowing Your Value…

I think there’s a common misperception about people in the lifestyle that we will fuck anything that moves. But alas to quote Bart Simpson, “Au contraire, mon Frère.”

Last night, we went to a house party hosted by a couple we did not know. We read their rules and respected that they put so much thought into them. This was their home and they were opening it to strangers to have sex. They were entitled to some guidelines.

I love getting ready to go out. I cranked up the Kesha as I did my hair and makeup. Slipped on my black thigh high stockings. They felt so sexy against my creamy white thighs and next to my black cage panties as I studied my appearance in the mirror.

I opted not to wear a bra and my tits looked good. I carefully put on my full front zip black dress and zipped it to just the right spot that offered perfect hint of tit.

I made margaritas and we were off to the party. It was an hour from our house so my husband and I were able to discuss our days and listened to the hockey game on the radio.

We arrived and the hosts put on an amazing spread. They were gracious and had invited a diverse and good group of people. We chatted with many and thought they were nice.

People peeled off to the “orgy room” and we were still chatting. After more polite conversation, I uttered to my husband, “can we go home soon, there is no one at this party I am interested in.” His reply, “yes as I was only going to take one for the team tonight.”

As we were getting ready to leave, we did speak with a fun couple that unfortunately our paths may never cross again. But I can think about possibly meeting them again.

Sometimes, you just gotta know when to leave the party….

– The Girl

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