The Rough Patch…

Today while scrolling through my slightly less inhabited corner of naughty, I came across a post from a dear friend on Tumblr that may finally give me the kick in the ass I really need.

It was 8 simple rules that should be avoided:

I am so guilty of most of them that it actually pains me to admit it most days. The only rules I think I can take a pass on are #3 and #5. (If you saw how I dress and my sex toy collection, you’d be nodding that yes she doesn’t have any problem with #5.)

But #1, that is my biggest crime.

Even after reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, I realize I give way too many fucks. I still am a pleaser. It’s unfortunately in my DNA.

So in the past few days, I have decided to start pleasing me for a change. I have signed up for ballet and tap classes so I can learn something I enjoy, relieve stress and reduce my fat levels. (Oh fuck, that might be a violation of Rule #7.)

In that same vein, I am scaling back my online presence as it just seems to be a distraction and makes me sad. I need to focus my finite energy on those physically around me. But, I will still continue on this forum as I truly love to write and own my journey.

I want to better organize my life not so I can live up to the image I present to the outside world but so I can finally find that damn bralette I want to wear on my meetup this weekend with sexy friends. Somehow, I think they will be okay if I show up sans bra but I digress.

I want to rediscover hobbies that my husband and I had prior to our children. The other day my daughter remarked on the fact that I knew my way around the gourmet supermarket in town. We went the other night, me in kitten heels, a buclé sheath and pearls and I informed her that her dad and I used to spend hours in this market and take cooking classes prior to kids. Her mind was blown.

So at least I have a plan. I just need to execute and find that freaking bralette…

– The Girl


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