And There’s a Time to Cuddle…

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

– Snow Patrol

The best part about the lifestyle is meeting people you click with. Not just sexually, but whom you enjoy the time away from the bedroom as well. I am lucky as I can count a few couples in that category in our brief tenure in the lifestyle.

Last night, my husband and met some friends at a halfway point between our cities. There were flirty texts throughout the week which only built my anticipation. I looked forward to dressing for the evening as I wanted to be sexy but able to quickly get out of them and down to fun.

I opted for a spaghetti strapped, velvet slip dress in a light blue that paired well with my creamy white skin, pink nipples and even pinker pussy. It hugged my curves in all the right places.

I decided on over the knee black boots as a cold front had come in and I had unfortunately used my last pair of thigh high hose last weekend. This was all paired with a black moto jacket from a conservative store that I have a penchant for making somewhat slutty. Jewelry was hoop earrings and my wedding band.

There were no undergarments as frankly I didn’t need them.

I was excited to see the couple and we met them in their hotel bar at 6pm. To say, two women similarly dressed in a town known for its Baptist university didn’t stand out, is an understatement.

After a few drinks, we went up to their room and the wife put on some music. Her husband and I quickly started to kiss. He pulled up my dress to expose my bare ass to my husband and his wife. He followed that up with exposing my tits by pulling down the straps of my dress.

We were full on making out as we stood between the hotel desk and bed and I was soon only in my boots. I heard my husband remark, “it never takes her long to get naked.” And this was not a criticism on his part but an observation of his exhibitionist wife and her love of being naked.

As we kissed, her husband undressed and as soon as I felt his hard cock against me, I fell to my knees and began to suck on it. Turning my eyes up occasionally to see him smiling down at me as I did.

He put me on the bed as we still were kissing. My boots were courteously taken off and then I felt his mouth on my wet pussy. His tongue lapping me up. A finger occasionally inserted into it but his mouth playing on my clit as moaned softly in enjoyment and encouragement.

We kissed some more so I could taste myself as our tongues played with each other’s. He rode me and he felt good. In the corner of my eye, I could see my husband eating her out and fucking her and I was content. Two beds, two swapped couples and four people simply and honestly getting enjoyment out of each other.

She switched positions and as she rode my husband cowgirl with her beautiful breasts bouncing, her husband and I were still kissing and he was fingering my pussy and playing slightly with my ass. It felt good to have him explore me, edging me over so closer to orgasm.

At one point, we thought a toy might be fun. He knows from experience that I am a squirter and he was on a mission. I applied my toy to my clit and he stroked my g-spot. I came instantly but we were not done.

I just felt an overwhelming sense of warmth throughout my body and primal sexuality. I was getting closer and closer and we both knew it. He kept fingering and I kept applying the vibe until my hips started to buck and I gushed all over the hotel bed.

As he and I cuddled on the bed, I heard Snow Patrol and then Radiohead and I was just fully present in the moment with his mouth on mine, my fingers playing with my still wet pussy and listening to the satisfied sounds emanating from his wife and my husband.

We dressed and went to dinner as we were all famished. In the parking lot, we returned to our respective partners. Each of us holding hands as we walked into the restaurant, just like any normal couple out on the town…

– The Girl

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