I am just going to go on record that open marriages can be hard to navigate.

My husband is going on a date this week and I am actually happy for him. When I say date, he’s really going to fuck another woman.

Tonight he was trying to come up with his cover story for our children. He selected “daddy is going on a business trip” versus my suggestion of meeting a friend out of town. He opted for the former and I found this ironic as when mommy goes out, it’s to meet a friend for drinks.

My question is why am I the one presented as the one who picks a friend over family and he opts for the more noble pursuit of “providing” for his family?

My husband is not a member of the patriarchy. But this has just rubbed me the wrong way. This has been coupled with him sharing my blog with her and the rules for our open marriage that I crafted so that she can use them as a basis to craft her own.

He sees nothing wrong with any of those actions as he says I let certain people know that it’s my blog and I have shared our guiding principles with other women in my shoes. The difference is I am the one who chooses to out myself to people about my journey and I don’t want to fuck the women I give the rules to.

I recently had to listen to my husband tell me how hard it was to know another man fucked me. I purposely never told him details as he didn’t want them.

But he has invited me to a group kik chat with him and his “business colleague” and he sees nothing wrong with it nor sharing details with me about her life, marriage and children.

I have no issues with this woman. My issues are with a man who shared my blog with naked photos of me and I got to see a photo of her with her kid. A man who confuses pride with his wife’s writing skills with easing his lover through her journey. A man who has told his wife that “she is his primary” so many times the past few weeks that she finally asked, “who are you trying to convince, me or you?”

So for the record, my husband is going on a “business trip” on Thursday and well Mommy can’t wait for her next “Happy Hour”…

– The Girl


  1. Does that mean your husband has never been with any other woman all this long into this lifestyle ?? Or is it the first time he is being with them alone?


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