The dingo got my baby….

– Lindy Chamberlain

I have become quite the podcast junkie on my long commute to and from work. I will listen to almost anything from sex to business to true crime related podcasts.

This past week I listened to one about a murder in Salem, Mass and another on the death of Azaria Chamberlain and the subsequent trial of her parents. In both podcasts there was a reference to women who didn’t quite fit the mold being tried for murder. Those are the women who are viewed as dangerous by society and they were easy to be punished for that crime of not fitting in.

I too don’t fit the mold and often felt like I need to hide to fit in. I don’t have societal views on love, sex or monogamy. As such, I compartmentalize well and know how to behave at work, home and out and about.

Where I differ mostly is I don’t think sex is a sign of love or affection, to me it’s a physical release. To show love to me is doing what you say you will do without reminders, comporting yourself well and looking for ways to lighten my load. Cumming in my pussy does not show me anything other than you were able to get off.

The other night my husband went on a “business trip”. I didn’t think about their evening only mine which was pretty amazing in that I had drinks with my best friend, happy children and a date with my vibrator. It really does not take much to make me happy.

The next day I thought I should send her a thank you note or flowers as the one thing their evening gave me was freedom as I will never have to hear these words…”You fucked another man…”. See my husband are now even on his scorecard and my desires and needs can no longer used against me in divorce or custody disputes if that’s where we end up.

And I know that makes me different as I am not jealous or tortured but finally able to thrive and make decisions based upon my feelings and respect for his. I can now approach my husband as his equal and begin our next chapter without that scarlet letter that came from me asking for and acting on our open marriage first.

And that weight lifted off me feels so good…

– The Girl

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