The Week…

I know nothing about this woman
Everything I do wrong
Sometimes it’s hard to fathem, just what Page she’s on
Well I found a pretty little mood ring, at this local five a dime
It’s gunna solve all my problems for a Dollar Ninety Nine

If it turns black, I should turn back
If it turns red she likes what I said
If it turns blue, I should leave her alone
If it turns green, she wants me I know

– Wade Bowen

This has been a week for the girl where I almost felt schizophrenic. Highs included being a key player in the acquisition of the company I work for, watching my children so happy in the activities they love and hanging with good friends at our local country bar listening to Wade Bowen.

Lows included a call from the Principal’s office and a man making me feel like shit for canceling a “date” because I had a vomit inducing migraine. After that diatribe and more than one Valentines Day kik asking if I want to suck that particular user’s cock, I realized “I am just a piece of pussy to these “men”” , they don’t know that steak and blow job day is the 15th and worse yet I allowed them to think that about me.

It’s a rough “aha moment” to have but it was the rock bottom that I needed to hit.

It’s difficult to run this blog as it gives some of impression that sex for me is a recreational sport. That no investment needs to be made to tap this ass and they think my honesty here gives them a roadmap to how I think or feel.

It’s true I don’t need hearts and flowers for sex. I don’t need to be wined and dined, but I do require some effort. And that effort is for you to talk to me and see me for who I am. Know that I have a lot of balls in the air and not all of them are yours.

Don’t just message me on the day you think I might be free and especially not at 10:30 PM for your booty call. First off I go to bed at a decent time and secondly (and most importantly) I have a husband that I have to clear things through.

I like to chat and shoot the breeze, so continue what got you my attention. Trust me, it wasn’t your dick pic but your words and time.

I know that I have allowed this perception to persist. I run a porn blog, like a certain type of sex and post naked pictures on the internet.

But the truth is I don’t challenge their perception and assert my value. I am polite and don’t speak up. I let the anger build walls up around me. I retreat into my head and forget to step away from social media.

In the end this week has been amazing for me as I know I am the only one who can set the floor on my value and I need not discount it for anyone. I also learned I am not a honky tonk girl as I don’t know how to stay in my lane.

Oh and that maybe I need to go to my local five and dime…

– The Girl

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