Today, I have no quote or opener, I don’t even have a witty title. I am just tired of being away from the place where I can just be me.

As some may know, I started this blog to find my voice again after Tumblr changed its policy and started enforcing a ban on self-created adult content. Here, I was able to be open about my journey within the lifestyle, my wants, my unmet desires and post an occasional NSFW post of little old me.

Recently, I felt as if my voice was muted due to someone’s decision to out me to their friends. No longer was this an anonymous place to discuss what made me the unique, sexual creature I am.

It felt like the one place I created for me was taken away and I was reduced from amazing professional, friend and mom to just a lady with kinks. No longer was I complete, I became one dimensional.

Well, I am here to take back my identity. Many don’t care that I am multi-dimensional and have conquests outside the confines of my bed but I do. I am not just some MILF caricature whose driving goal is getting a thick cock in her pussy (or her tight little ass). I am a woman who is great at work, a good friend and always an advocate to her children who happens to have kinks. My primary one is wearing expensive, well crafted fox tails.

Because I was recently so offended about the singular view of me as only a wanton sex goddess, I literally put all aspects of my sexuality to the side. I went cold turkey on pleasuring myself and owning some of what makes me well me.

But this weekend, I had enough and I got back together with my vibrator and came instantly and repeatedly. The release after a stressful week was nothing short of amazing. I actively sought out the porn and erotica I love on Tumblr and even posted some old pictures. I reconnected with old friends who welcomed me back as if I never left.

But the best part of this weekend was the decision to re-affix a fox tail to my needy ass. It just plopped right into my asshole and the feel of that fur against my bare ass, thighs and pussy as I sashayed around my bedroom in nothing but a hot pink cotton top was euphoric. I had not realized how much those tails made me feel like ME.

So my break from the sensual pleasures and this place of honesty is over and for that I am grateful…

– The Girl


  1. Love it! You do you. Fuck petty fools and haters. Like they don’t have any secrets they’d prefer people not to know about.


  2. The hardest thing in life is to stand up for who you are! Be honest to your true self and dont let the burdens of society formulate the definition of you! Love the post..


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