Sign on the Dotted Line…

The sun shines on a dreamer
Shines a light on you when you listen to your heart
The sun shines on a dreamer
Shines a light on you through the dim, through the dark

– Wade Bowen

Yesterday, I signed a lease to rent a house. I thought there would be sadness to finally realize my marriage was over but actually I have realized that I have been grieving its end for years. And yesterday was the start of a future for me and my children (every other week).

Originally I was going to move to an apartment complex for maintenance free living but when I saw the space, it just seemed so sad for how expensive it was. I can live with a lot but I am not looking for sad, I have had that for years. Plus I have a lot of clothes and need to store my alcohol.

So on a whim, I decided to look at a townhouse that my husband recommended. It was of course a bait and switch and really not a rental. I am not looking to buy as I want flexibility until my kids are out of high school.

But that day I got a realtor and he basically got to have me send him listings and ride him like a wife as one thing I know is good properties go quickly in my neighborhood. And once I decided that proximity for my kids to their schools, friends and dad were more important than my lyft bills to the bar, I was all in.

I believe in signs and fell in love with one house only to be denied. After watching HGTV for years, I started to nickname the houses to my realtor. “One cat house” was the house that fell through but luckily for me it did as I found “eagles nest”. I realized that the first house fell through as it was not the house for me.

Eagles Nest is the perfect cul-de-sac retreat on a quiet street with a huge tree in its xeriscaped backyard. It has nice appliances, perfectly sized and is walking distance to my old house. The owners suite as I am now told they are no longer “Master” suites fits my furniture and is perfect for me and if I ever entertain.

It doesn’t have a pool, so I will have to slum it back at the community pool. But I did have a fantasy the other night that I was lying on my hose soaked Big Joe lemon float naked on my small lawn and some kind stranger came in my backyard and ate me out. (Seriously, these are my fantasies).

Now loyal readers you are like, where is all the sex (fantasies aside) we have come to enjoy? We are not here for her real estate adventures or trips to the West Elm.

I am just here to tell you that this Girl is on a new adventure, some may some of the old fun and some may be new. But it will be an honest account of a woman rebuilding her life.

And for those interested, I hope you continue along…

– The Girl


    1. Thank you so much! I have been meeting to post an update as things have been happening and I feel good but I have my moments. I really try to keep my eyes on my future and the life I am trying to build. I appreciate your kind word!


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