My Point of View…

I know I have been quiet lately. Sadly there are no wanton escapades to report but just know my mind is still as dirty as ever. And yes, I still fuck myself on the regular.

I really do miss sex with another person. That feeling when someone massages your pussy lips with their mouth. That moment they enter you and you both start to find your rhythm. That point when you utter that first “oh fuck”.

To say I don’t think about that regularly is an understatement.

I have been watching a lot of amateur, real couples POV porn to feel that gap. I love how they are willing to share their mutual pleasure with others freely.

I was grateful that my favorites survived the recent purge (as sadly my avatar did not).

I know many aren’t amateurs when they post 150+ videos on pornhub; I am not naive. But they have the elements of normal people: desire, familiarity and consistency.

I enjoy listening to them talk to each other in an unscripted, non-porny way. Their moans. I like that the man often cums in her so it’s not some money shot to just end on. I miss dirty talk and the feel of cum dripping from my pussy or ass.

Right now might not be the time for me to be with someone else, but I’ll be ready when it does. In the meantime, my private browser awaits…

– The Girl

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