Pump and cum…

Some say I’m bossy ’cause I am the boss
Buy anything, I don’t care what it cost
Stacked like casino, Armani, Moschino
If you’re The Supreme then I’m Diana Ross

– Jax Jones

Today as I sun naked at my local lake and look down at my pink nipples and full breasts, I will admit my most secret of fetishes.

I have secretly for many years skulked around ANR/ABF porn and Reddit chats. I loved the intensity of the intimate and sensual moments between generally an adult male and milky woman.

I challenged my views on breastfeeding as just a form of food to nourish your child and what it would be like to nurse an adult.

Would I enjoy that feeling of the initial latch and the suckling that could occur not on a stranger’s breast but mine? Would I lovingly stroke their head and encourage them to feed? Would I cum from the pleasure of it?

So I did what every woman who has researched this topic (ok maybe not every) and I bought a breast pump and some herbs that support milk production and greatly increased my water intake. I am hesitant to try “dom” so I am giving this a try more naturally.

I started pumping in earnest this week and started with an evening session but have added morning prior to work as the high I get is helping with my suck ass commute.

What I have learned in these pumping sessions is that I feel so amazingly feminine versus the cow I felt like for my children. I love the suction on my nipples and how beautifully fluffy they are post pump.

I think the feeling of a man’s cock in my wet pussy as he feeds on my full bosom would be the cherry to top off my day.

Additionally, the repeated tug and pull on my nipples makes me very relaxed and amazingly wet. In my evening sessions and this morning as I had more time to indulge, I masturbated to orgasm.

I actually now look forward to my pumping sessions as selfishly they are for me this go around. I love pulling down my tank or stripping off my clothes at the end of a workday and wearing a simple robe as I express my breasts. As I do, I generally enjoy a glass of wine, watch porn or tumble.

This morning as a pumped for a ridiculously long session, I inserted a large cock shaped vibrator into me and watched porn. I admit for me this is more sensual and sexual than noble and I know that’s why I enjoy it.

My current production is limited to colostrum but to me that is amazing that my body can produce that at my age and after a few days.

So I guess I am need to find me a person with a very open mind, a breeding fetish or a little of both…

– The Girl

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