I have to confess I love the MFM threesome and being spit roasted. It fulfills so many of my desires such as being used, watched and getting to service cock.

Recently, I met a recurring partner (C1) and his friend (C2) for an evening of fun. I had never met the friend previously but he had been vetted as C1 knew that he had a big cock and was up to the challenge of fucking me multiple times. I had seen a photo of C2’s cock, knew he was STI free and he had seen multiple compromising pics of me. My fetlife profile is full of them so they are easy to provide.

I showed up for the “date” in a t-shirt and shorts as I had some mom things to do. But, underneath I had a sexy black plunge bra on that highlighted my large tits and a lacy, black thong on to complement it.

We made small talk as I sat between the boys. C1 let me know he was ready to get things started as he kissed me and massaged my tits over my shirt. C2 took his cue and removed my shorts, both admired my panties and then they were moved to the side as C2 began to eat my pussy. My feet instinctively went to his shoulders as I offered my pussy to his mouth.

It was recommended that me move to the bedroom and C2 as the guest got to take his turn first. He was a good fuck, but the part that I enjoyed the most was knowing C1 watched the whole time. He loved watching his friend fuck me and I enjoyed him watching.

After C2 came, C1 decided to come and enjoy the lubricant that only another man’s cock provides. I am very vocal with this partner as we have been fucking for awhile. I was a little embarrassed that there was a difference in how loud I was with C1 but he knew that only served to let everyone know whose pussy it really was.

I loved having him in me as I sucked C2’s cock. The boys took turns like this until they had both came twice.

Late in our session, I was being fucked doggy style by C1. He slowly would enter me and drive himself deeply in me. I had C1 underneath me and I was sucking his cock, teasing it with my erect nipples and fucking it between my titties. I let C1 know to stop and I rode C2 to his third and final orgasm. I must admit I love inserting a cock I made hard with my mouth into my pussy, it’s empowering.

C2 knew this was the end of his role for the night. He dressed and we walked him out to the living room. I was naked and on the arm of C1. We quietly reasserted the dynamic that we were the primary couple. C2 let us know he was available anytime as he sucked my nipple one last time.

We retreated back to his bed and in the dark, C1 let me know how excited he was watching me and that he never felt me wetter or had me suck his cock so deeply and ardently. He was glad that I felt satisfied and was up to meeting as three again.

Then in the dark, I felt his cock hard against me, kissed him and told him to fuck me. I went on my hands and knees and our genitals were raw from hours of fucking but he came in me one last time.

I never slept so well as I did that night after being thoroughly used. I was calm with realization that I really loved every fucking minute of it.

– The Girl


      1. Too quiet and boring here.
        Is this the best way to communicate with you. I lost the ability to chat on tumblr. Fuckers!


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