Time to Give Up????

Because your good girl’s gonna go bad
I’m gonna be the swingin’est swinger you’ve ever had
If you like’em painted up powdered up then you ought to be glad
Cause your good girl’s gonna go bad

I’ll even learn to like the taste of whiskey
In fact you’ll hardly regonize your wife
I buy some brand new clothes and dress up fancy
For my journey to the wilder side of life

– Tammy Wynette

So for the past year, I have been trying to be more on the straight and narrow. Ok, have there been slips such as the hot threesome…YEP! But I really have wanted to focus less on sex and more on companionship and character. Well that is not going amazingly well…

For example, there was a nice man I met off Fetlife. We went on a few dates and made plans to become more intimate. He literally told me he had a panic attack at the thought of having sex with me. As a reminder, we met off Fetlife where we put up a laundry list of our kinks for all fellow kinksters to see. Needless to say, I have removed all my kinks and photos from Fetlife.

Next was a man who I have been friends with for years who followed my Tumblr blog. His comment over dinner one evening, “I find you sexually intimidating.” Dude, thanks for following if you judge everything based upon likes and reblogs.

What’s funny is that both men referred to their former wives as frigid and prudes, yet when they get a woman who is open to sex, vanilla or slightly kinky, they put her in her “place.“. I guess they are like Goldilocks, they don’t like it too hot or too cold. Or maybe they think the Madonna and the whore question is only an either/or answer.

I have tried to settle for “less than” sex. I have considered getting rid of all my toys as I could really use the drawer space. I have thought about giving up and accept that maybe I am just a fuck buddy kind of person who can take herself out to dinner.

I guess I never thought I’d have to keep this part of me hidden but they have taught me that may I have to…

– The Girl


  1. Please don’t give up, my love. You’re perfect the way you are. The right one will appear when you least expect it.


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