Boxing Day Sex….

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you

So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day
Since we’re together, we might as well say
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?

— Mister Rogers

This really hasn’t felt like Christmas. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the kids as they went to their Dad’s on Christmas Eve. Maybe, I have been sitting around with my parents, feeling cooped up and edgy. I realized I needed to be fucked and I mean properly fucked.

On Christmas, I started to make at least a plan. I texted with my favorite partner and we looked at availability. I let my mom know I needed to get some sleep as they have been keeping me up past 1 am and they had to leave by 9. Plan was put into motion.

I could tell I was craving dick. I was watching porn, tumbling, chatting, masturbating and sending the partner voicemails of me cumming. I even googled “pussy pump” and the Google led me to a store with one on sale and free shipping to boot! I am really looking forward to that package arriving!

All day I was buzzing as I needed his dick.

I showered and prepped for him. I love that he wants simple things. Me naked, no lingerie, just me. I sent him a photo of my dress lifted to show my bare, wet pussy. I anxiously waited for our appointed time as I drank spiked eggnog and watched of all things, the Bodyguard.

When he came in the door, we immediately started kissing. We really save the conversation for after the fucking. As we walked into my living room, we kissed and he fingered me. We made it to the couch and were making out and he was rubbing my pussy.

He put my hand on his hard dick and I insisted he take off his pants. As he drank his beer, I sucked what I lovingly refer to as “my” dick. I love sucking his dick. I love how he tells me what he wants and that he loves my tongue going up and down his shaft. I love that he calls me his cocksucker as I do it and tells me how great I am at it.

I straddled him and tried to put him in my pussy. He told me I needed to suck longer and that turned me on more. I took off my dress and proceeded to devour him.

He started to take off the rest of his clothes and pulled me up and had me straddle him. He is a man that I love to ride. I think my pussy is built for his cock. It’s a perfect fit and I feel empowered when I am on top of him. With some men, I feel awkward especially if their cocks are smaller or not thick. But he fits like a glove and I thrive on being on top of him.

I was riding him and he would occasionally suck hard on my nipples but what turned me on more was seeing my tits in my window and the reflection of my face. It was the face of a woman doing what she loved in the sheer abandonment in front of an open window. If the neighbors saw, I gave zero fucks as I was happy and he was moaning with pleasure.

I came as he rubbed my clit while I fucked his dick. We went to my area rug and he fucked me from behind. I asked to be spanked, he obliged and I came again as he skillfully fucked me. He changes intensity, depth and position so well.

We were not done. He wanted me to suck his dick more. I rode his face and licked up my pussy juices off him. He was loving every minute of the attention I paid to his head and I was just enthralled with how much pleasure he was getting from me that even my jaw locking was only a small distraction.

We went upstairs and fucked some more. My favorite was missionary with my legs on his chest and both of us taking turns rubbing my clit and him watching me as I came again.

We finished like we always do, doggy style with me getting my reward of being filled with his cum. God, I love how he drips out of me.

After we fucked, I finished my eggnog. He had another beer and we both remarked how Christmas didn’t seem like it was only the day before. We talked about our plans for the week just like friends do.

And yes, this greedy little cockslut is craving him now….

– The Girl

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