The Staircase….

Tonight, I needed him more than ever! My parents were complaining about their canceled Southwest flight ad nauseam and I had enough of the holidays. I already don’t rank Christmas in my top 5 and the airline debacle was causing my tequila intake to skyrocket.

This morning, I had to woke to thoughts of him. Dreams of him watching another man fuck me from behind as he sat in a chair that faces my bed. Him offering me his dick to suck as I am fucked. Him reclaiming me after the other man came in me.

We texted throughout the day and he sent me several pictures of him hard. One was just a gorgeous picture of his cock. Simple black and white and beautiful. I knew what I needed…his dick in my mouth. I was almost giddy with anticipation but first I needed my geriatric parents to leave!

When he arrived, he found me in a sundress, denim jacket and my favorite glass plug. No panties, no bra. He walked me up the stairs to my room and stopped at the top and took his pants off. He sat down and I got on my knees and I took him in my mouth.

I removed the top of my dress to expose my tits, pulled up my dress to expose my ass and I went to “work”. I asked him to take photos as you never know if that will get us a third but honestly I love that he has me doing what I love on his phone.

I loved being exposed on my stairs sucking this man’s cock.

We retreated to my bed and he fucked my mouth some more but I needed him to fuck me. I felt tight with the plug as he entered me and he fucked me quickly to orgasm. His preference was that I was on top but I wanted to be fucked. Tonight I wanted to feel him in total control.

We have a great rhythm and with the plug, it was just so tight and concentrated. I can cum easily with this man and I really love when I make him cum. It’s like a treat as he can edge for long periods and he came early all over my stomach.

As I had cum dripping off me, we talked about our day. We are truly lovers and friends.

Eventually, I started sucking his cock again and he found how wet I was as he fingered my pussy. I sucked as he talked and fingered and then he told me all I needed to know…”get on your knees”.

After hearing that, his cock in my tight pussy made me moan those “oh fucks” that I believe he knows are my indication that I am about to cum again. As I rolled through the orgasms, I had to bury my mouth on my wrist and then I heard his telltale signal that he was cumming with me.

We retreated downstairs and finished the hockey game that was on the TV when he arrived and simply enjoyed each other’s company as all lovers should…

– The Girl


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