Some people just don’t get how to behave in polite society. Even if that is a village called Tumblrville.

I full admit I run a porn blog. I love black and white erotica and cat photos with porn gifs sprinkled in. I have rules that I follow for all content that I post:

  • The “girls” need to look 23 or older as I don’t want to post anyone the could be confused as members of my daughter’s dance team.
  • It has to be an act that I actually want to do or have done to me.
  • And the women need to look like they are enjoying themselves.

These three very simple rules are my “code” that I live and post by. I enjoy my little corner of naughty and believe that I curate a relatively classy site. (Some days I issue a blanket apology for all the porn as I am just in the mood.)

I post myself sparingly now as I cannot get around the damn “adult content” algorithm. But when I do circumvent, I do a little happy dance of Joy that I beat the system.

Now my corner of naughty would be so much more enjoyable without the unsolicited dick pics. It’s the scourge of porn blogging.

These pics are usually accompanied by the “hey baby, what do you think of it?”

This leads me to wonder if these gentlemen would walk up to me on the street and immediately open their fly? Now I would venture to guess no, because who the fuck would do that? And I think I might be more likely referred to as “Ma’am” in public versus “baby.”

I do not mind chatting with people on tumblr. I have actually made several friends and I enjoy finding out what’s going on in their lives.

I find that the subject matter we post actually takes the elephant out of the room and gets the majority of people to focus on things in common versus just a love of anal.

But some just don’t know how to contain their excitement and are put in a less fun “naughty corner” via the block button…

– The Girl

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