Fantasy Island…

I do not hide that I have a rich fantasy life. I do not dream about winning the lottery, I think about dirty sex. One of my untapped fantasies is stranger sex or an anonymous encounter.

As I have been driving by my beloved lake each morning and afternoon and it’s still visible as we have not entered the dreaded daylight savings time, I often think back to some of my secret desires I have had while basking naked in the sun on that rocky shore.

One recurring fantasy is meeting a stranger, starting an awkward conversation and eventually joining him in the lake for a little “swim.”

Now the conversation would only be awkward as I would be avoiding gazing at his body parts especially if they have an amazing cock. But since I don’t ever swim, it’s those sideward glances that would get me into the water.

Once in the water, we’d kiss discreetly, intertwine our arms around the other’s back or neck. That might lead to legs wrapped around torso, with slight fingering of my pussy under the water.

Eventually his cock teasing my pussy under the cover of water so we aren’t caught. A few strokes and pumps which would lead to muffled moans of pleasure in necks. All the while in plain view, fully naked, quiet in our fuck.

This would only be a precursor to a more rowdy session in the back of a parked car, having to keep a lookout to make sure no one sees us fully appreciating what our bodies can provide the other. As soon as we cum, we part into our own car and drive off.

I think these musings are a detriment to my driving skills and at that time I am most grateful for my city’s traffic woes…

– The Girl

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