Got boobs?

For those that know me in my real life, they know that when in doubt “I lead with my boobs”.

Never had that been so evident to me as when I looked at my fetlife page and 95% of the pictures featured them in some very visible capacity.

It made me realize how much I had come to rely on them to define my sensuality and femininity. Like I had reduced myself to a pair of boobs.

But yesterday as I sat through a diagnostic mammogram, a very long ultrasound that featured multiple technicians and a radiologist proclaim “I don’t like the look of that one bit”, I knew I may have misplaced my faith that my tits would get me through life’s ups and downs.

So now I prepare for a biopsy in a way only I can, by removing all those photos from fetlife. They no longer need to define me in any way nor be offered up without thought.

I am hopeful that my test results do not indicate cancer, but I am prepared that my value I place on myself needs to change dramatically.

– The Girl


  1. I really enjoy following your story and progress through your life. Love your writing style. I am sending good thoughts and peace regardless of the answer. Hang in there!! Hugs


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