Come, Stroke My Tail…

I have a fox tail fetish. I am not a furry but I love a fox tail affixed to my ass via a stainless steel plug.

I have quite the collection in various colors and sizes and simply love to sashay around in my tail. Alone or in front of an audience. They are all bushy and look lovely offset against my bare, pink pussy.

I adore it tickling my inner thighs or brushing along the back of them as I prance around. I love the stroke on my back as I am rode from behind. It’s my thing, I own it and am not ashamed and know it’s clearly not for everyone.

So last night as we celebrated Easter and my husband grabbed a fox versus bunny tail, I had a moment of inner glee. My ass welcomed that tail like a long-lost friend and just hugged the plug eagerly. I stroked the fur as I laid naked on our bed. Not a care in the world as I had my beloved tail on.

My husband and I started to deeply kiss each other and he stroked my legs. Every once awhile stroking my tail as he also enjoys the look and feel. Me enjoying my full ass and his tongue filling my mouth, occassionally leaving it to suck on my pink, erect nipples.

At one point I encouraged him to get me my Lelo Sona Cruise. I masturbated for him for three quick but intense orgasms as he told me what he planned on doing to my pussy with his eager cock. Telling me how beautiful my swollen clit looked to him. I do have a thing for dirty talk, it gets me off.

As he entered me, I kept the toy on my clit and he quickly understood why it’s the second favorite in my drawer. Those vibrations on his cock were enhancing his pleasure. Finally, I couldn’t keep it on us and we just fucked like rabbis until we came in rapid succession of one another.

I decided that I still had one left in me and let the toy do its job as his cum ebbed onto my beautiful tail…

-The Girl

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