Knowing Your Why…

I often listen to podcasts to break up my commute to and from work. Recently I have been listening to Sex With Strangers as I enjoy learning about other journeys to sexual satisfaction.

Today was an episode on sugar dating and although not something I have ever spent much time thinking about, I can see the allure for both parties.

During the episode, there was a lady that explained how she mentored women on how to distinguish themselves amongst the sea of other sugar babies. The key she said is knowing and articulating your unique why.

So that got me to thinking…”what is my why?”

I am a normal, educated, mid-level executive who loves her husband and her kids. I am attractive, yet not stunning. But, I love posting naked pictures of myself on the internet for free.

I got to that point in my journey by trying to find my sexual voice. I knew I was less and less satisfied with vanilla but I did not know how to articulate what turned me on. I found my niche on tumblr.

I found that I was drawn to kink and also the empowerment displayed by women who posted themselves in all states of undress. I loved the camadarie of women who owned their sexuality and frankly the men who adore and respect us for it.

I stopped comparing myself to the younger women who were less curvy than me. I started to think of myself as a strong, confident sexual creature and not as something that needed to compare herself to others. I simply derived pleasure from exhibiting myself to others.

I learned I loved being a unicorn as I could be an exhibitionist and it felt good to have the couples tag team me. Them working as a team to get me off and turning themselves on in the process. I could also be a voyeur as they fucked. It was honestly the best of both worlds.

I enjoyed the lifestyle as it afforded me time to plan and anticipate. I truly have as much fun on planning my outfits as taking them off to play. To think about what makes me feel sexy and confident so that others see me and say “hell yes, I want to fuck her.”

I also love the lifestyle as every evening and encounter is different. Sometimes you meet people you click with and sometimes you don’t. But no evening is ever the same or predictable. And when you do meet those you click with, the sex is honest and uninhibited as it’s baggage free.

I guess my why is I get to be the confident woman I became who freely loves sex in an environment that welcomes and fosters that form of empowerment. And that is the only why I need…

– The Girl

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